Chevrolet corvette c7 z06

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  • Дата публикации: 08 May 2018
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Henry Koplien 08 May 2018

Well, very nice. Nur in the end beaten by a Combi from Audi.

Josue jimenez valdivia 10 May 2018

La camioneta audi fue mejor solo que demoro ala salida en la segunda corrida

leon johnson jr 15 May 2018

corvette vs corvette throw some dodges in there

dave runner 18 May 2018

The new Z06 is a beast. Nothing from Europe can come close to it.

JazzyascanB 24 May 2018

Nice power on the Corvette black. He need to learn how to use the power from the jump. tires to hard. let just a little air out

ace blanco 26 May 2018

Detroit General salute 2 the getting a grand sport.favorite car period

MrPces2008 28 May 2018

Chevy/Corvette anytime! 4-LIFE!

Command Lion 31 May 2018

Black Diva, stupid name, gay haircut.

Ryan Kovacs 03 June 2018

Sick car but learn to follow hand signals. hands up doesn t mean start rolling.

María González Luengas 04 June 2018

pinches coches chafas puta gasolina de la verga se la pelan todos a cualquier tesla hasta el mas barato, me da asco que contaminen asi el medio ambiente, a lo pendejo a ver que coche jala mas, solo vean las putas estadisticas pinche pasa tiempo chafa.

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