Аккумулятор на крайслер себринг 2004

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Chrisloriana Newsome 18 January 2018

Well explained. Thank you. I can do this myself. )

Harlem Night 23 January 2018

Whoever designed this model for a battery should be beaten with a kat of 9 tales! Thanks for the video.

Harlem Night 28 January 2018

I will NEVER buy a car with a battery like this.

Jeannette Simon 31 January 2018

I recently got the EZ Battery Reconditioning program and just reconditioned two car batteries. The guides were very easy to follow [Check Details Here==> ]. I wish I would have found this years ago! Thanks!

suthrnstyl2003 02 February 2018

It s very important to remove the NEGATIVE cable first.NOT positive. That way if you bump the chassis with your wrench while disconnecting the battery it will not create a short.

shawn V 04 February 2018

take neg off first.that way if u touch the body u don t short nothingbout

Martti Saarelma 05 February 2018

An amateur, when removing the battery the minus (-) pole must be disconnected first to avoid shortcircuit with the tools. And when putting the battery back the plus (+) pole should be connected first.

Todd Hodder 08 February 2018

Thank you for the video, this is the first car I have owned with such a precarious battery placement.

The Future Sound Of Egypt 13 February 2018

to connect start with positive cable then negative one

The Future Sound Of Egypt 18 February 2018

remove the negative cable first dude

Scott Tucker 20 February 2018

Whoever designed this car should be shot. THE BATTERY LOCATED IN THE WHEEL WELL? WTF?

TheFreakinX 27 February 2018

Turn the wheel all the way to the right, my ass. Thanks for the vid.

fixitsamo 28 February 2018

its true yousef actually you can remove any side you like as long that they don t touch each other

Yousef Alabour 04 March 2018

I thought you remove the negative first and then the positive, and when you put it back you put the positive first followed by the negative. Because you don t need the negative by itself.

غريب الدار 09 March 2018

عندي احساس ان الرجال هذا من اصل مصري

22zxzxzx 16 March 2018

نسيت تربط حامل البطارية بالمفك شكرا لك

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