Buy ford mustang in usa

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Jeff Ashton 04 January 2018

Edit: Towards the end of the video i said 401A package comes with a 12 display, it s actually the 12 digital dash/cluster, which I do like! 😁 Don t hate me! 🙃

Charles Degener 10 January 2018

On your end if you haven’t driven the GT with the 10 speed don’t market not that you did but it’s amazing I think bangs gears really hard to mix the wheels church between shifts

Charles Degener 12 January 2018

In my Mustang premium plus with magna ride performance pack the nicer interior aluminum wheels and God knows what else was closer to 54,000 I don’t know where you got that number from off this website I don’t think you’re going to get one for that price

Tracey Melbourn 16 January 2018

Yea guys. they went to a Direct Port injection setup! Just like the 335 has had since 2007. oh.wait. Lmao. Smh. And how much is the AWD option? And lmao @420 at the wheels. cute.

Levi Curry 21 January 2018

does anyone know what insurance will look like for the manual 5.0, I m 21 years old and a marine. ill be back from deployment looking for an 18 in around April of 2018. also whens the best time to buy for best deal. end of June?

Jason Voorhees 28 January 2018

The new mustang looks like a Ford Fusion

Lifted_Above 30 January 2018

2017 models should get discounted and the least amount of bugs since 2015.

R4nd0mG4m3r 04 February 2018

I m pretty confused why ford isn t trying to beat the camaro, I was hoping the new stang would have atleast 500 hp, also I didn t like the re design at first, now I do, but the gt500 had better beat the demon

Nathan Martyn 07 February 2018

I thought ford got rid of the ecoboost hmmm?

Jabrelle Oneal 13 February 2018

Jeff what s your exhaust set up?

Aaron Gary 18 February 2018

Yo is this thing out yet? Cuz i see no videos on it

Gio Berelli 20 February 2018


Anthony Lozano 22 February 2018

They literally just put more gears lol

prettyboy103 24 February 2018

How were you able to view this on their website? I went to the website and they only have the 2017 mustangs still up.

Clorox Bleach 27 February 2018

Looks like it s missing a chromosome

Speed Makes You Lighter 01 March 2018

Hi Jeff, would you recommend waiting for the face lift and speccing it for me or buying a pre face lift s550?

Bas Dergen 07 March 2018

Learn to hold the fucking camera still geezus

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