Топ гир форд раптор на русском

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  • Дата публикации: 11 January 2018
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В этом видео: россия, передача, обзор.


aryan jenil 12 January 2018

Right in the nads Hammond slowly lost his mind and has never been the same 😂😂😂

Pee jay 16 January 2018

The only truck with a chance against it stock would be the new Tacoma with all the fancy settings and low weight

Fungamerplays 22 January 2018

Rivers, as we know, are level, unless they re waterfalls Clarkson

Sebastian Roberts 29 January 2018

Why does the raptor sound like a henessey venom gt

Heisenberg 89 01 February 2018

Why do you guys put a modified ford with a atock chevy

NOVA Railfan 08 February 2018

The ford raptor is the best truck ever

Officer Jake 14 February 2018

The chevy Silverado is better than the Ford F-150 and the chevy has better torque along with horse power.

Leland Harper 20 February 2018

F-150 still beat Chevy after falling down a ditch into 4ft of snow, and popping a tire

E. eugene Martinez 24 February 2018

I was thinking Jeremy was going to say world s angriest mouse instead of man

Ryan Bissonnette 25 February 2018

i really hoped james would win :/

F0RS3 Topaz 01 March 2018

He should of jumped in the back of the raptor

John Howe 08 March 2018

I m actually kinda impressed that the Ford Raptor has an Oil Gauge. All cars should have those! The Idiot Lights are. well Idiotic because most of the time that means YOU ARE ALREADY OUT OIL!

KiCcAsS IdiOT 09 March 2018

Hammond is the world s angriest man indeed

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