Длина ленд ровер дискавери 4

рейтинг: 3.35 - 6 voice
  • Дата публикации: 12 January 2018
  • Просмотры: 341
  • Длительность: 00:14:52

В этом видео: спорт, подрифтиль, продажа, кузов, внедорожник, двигатель.


Trang Tran 13 January 2018

I am reading a brochure of Land Rover Discovery, they said i need to have Ditch finishers and Alpine light kit to fit roof rails and cross bars. I dont know what these things are. Can you help to explain me a bit. Some photo would be very nice. Thanks a lot. (page 120 in this brochure

Ryan Dunn 15 January 2018

Is there a chance you can explain how to remove the rail?

PeterOZ61 20 January 2018

Great video! I have just got a set of extended roof rails for my D3. Would you have a video on how to remove the genuine LR spotlights? I need to remove them to fit some LED versions but buggered if I can figure out how to remove the bloody things! Cheers Peter

Jens Lundquist 23 January 2018

Whats the partnumber for the extended roof rack rail?

jeremyrbass 26 January 2018

I ve never seen a Disco 3 or 4 without sun/moon roofs. That must be an Euro offered option

elstevo73 28 January 2018

I really wouldn t recommend using a flat bit (spade drill) for enlarging the hole in the aluminium trim, there s a high risk of cutting yourself or damaging the trim. Cone cutters or stepped drills are designed for this purpose are not expensive and are much, much safer.

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