Mercedes gl klasse 2007

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vicente rr 11 May 2018

para no intoxiques los bosques con ese trasto a la chatarra ese y todos

1100HondaCB 14 May 2018

Only dickheads, retards and scumbags drive these cars.

Tai Vlogs 19 May 2018

5 things I hate about my ‘16 Mercedes GL550 4-Matic!

Andrew Randrew 23 May 2018

Too pretty. Her face was distracting me from the car.

Audi Quattro 24 May 2018

She s saying so many times she is a RACING DRIVER. Even Sir Stirling Moss or Walter Röhrl is much more humble.

Muhammad Sohaib 29 May 2018

Carbuyer please put male for review your cars reviews not helping anymore

DYLAN 02 June 2018

It looks like a Mitsubishi adventure!

Tyger Voods 07 June 2018

0:58 Why is Fake taxi on my screen I thought I was watching a car review.

Daniel R 09 June 2018

Fun fact: this is made in the United States

Dare 15 June 2018

Why you always mention Range Rover?

the silent 16 June 2018

i come here to see you girl my sweet lady🙊🙊🙊

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