3 дверный opel astra

рейтинг: 4.4 - 26 voice
  • Дата публикации: 26 March 2018
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  • Длительность: 00:22:23


Xanthus Xhantus 27 March 2018

Are those yellow clips same in 5 door version?

DenisHMX HMX 02 April 2018

And what s with the rear side speakers on the astra h gtc, how to mount them?

Busta Bust 07 April 2018

Great job mate. thanks for the video and the list of parts. i have since purchased the same. A tad nervous to fit them though, but I will give it a go. :-) How much would you charge to fit these speakers for me?

Greg's Garage 10 April 2018

someone buy this guy a screwdriver

RustRabbit 14 April 2018

before doing anything, you need to rewire the whole car get a 20-foot 9-wire cable and run it all around the car if you changing speakers might as well do a decent wiring. something like a EFX Wire Ultra Flex Speaker Wire

RustRabbit 15 April 2018

before put any screw in always hand screw it in first

Yeray Domínguez 17 April 2018

Do you think a 6x9 would go there?

No Name 24 April 2018

headunit is weak you need to do it with an amp

Steve McIlroy 25 April 2018

at 16:13, i d leave the door panel just there and get people to climb in

JusCon 29 April 2018

Just used this for my 5-door mk5 which had a blown speaker, wiring is slightly different but principle is basically the same. Thanks!

Nash 03 May 2018

Do they got bass I mean do they sound any better than originals, also do you know how what connectors I need to connect Subwoofer to original Cd30 stereo in Astra h?

Snowy J. Moore 09 May 2018

Guessing this would work the same for the 5 door version?

Kieran Marcel 14 May 2018

Hi nice vid I want to do the speakers in the back of my 3 door to but can t find no vid showing this can you help?

Danny Mann 19 May 2018

Is it possible to link the yellow and white connector things in the door? Im struggling to find them

rami Polski 24 May 2018

because I thinking between jvc cs j1720 and jvc cs v628

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