911 porsche turbo s cabriolet

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  • Дата публикации: 02 April 2018
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Cynthia M. Rosser-Shay 02 April 2018

Who Pays All The Money! And Does Not Get A Convertible? Not I! Sincerely, Cindy

Lejon Leonard 05 April 2018

One of my wife other cars.not necessarily this color.

Ross Olinger 07 April 2018

can i trade in my honda fit? lol

tres xxx 10 April 2018

I like the gps locator (as I twist my mustache).

Viper Slide 17 April 2018

Great video, thanks, waiting to hit the Lotto tonight then I will call you. Respectfully Andy

Easy Eagle 21 April 2018

Porsche still can’t top 600hp? Sad. 😖

Haiman's TV 26 April 2018

How can we replace this with an electric car!

troyover9000 28 April 2018

I love how Porsche integrated the drive mode on the steering wheel. I drove the new Mercedes and their driving mode is dangerous because you have to look in the tach to see what drive mode you re in taking your eyes off the road when you re trying to go fast!

Wayne Blake 05 May 2018


Kyl Car Unicorn 10 May 2018

I swear if it costs as much as a Lamborghini I will cry

Larry Calloway 17 May 2018

The stuff that dreams are made of! 👊🏽

john Hur 22 May 2018

all 991.2 turbo cabrio is only 4wd?

lp997 27 May 2018

too many buttons. how can you deal with all of this with a 0-60 of 2.8 sec (or faster as theses cars are seriously underrated)

TheNikhsym 02 June 2018

А в России его цена от 250 000$. Да почему блять!

Steve Downs 03 June 2018

If Scarlett Johansson was a car. :) So beautiful! Keep working hard everybody!

Jason Chatham 09 June 2018

is the 570s really faster than the 991.2 turbo s? people are talking crazy mess about 911 s vs 570 s these days but, faster than a 911 turbo s? I have a hard time believing that.

Kevin Samuel 14 June 2018

As i already own a 488 SPIDER, HURACAN, LaFerrari & Veyron Vitesse, I am more interested in the 918 SPIDER. Please let me know when one is available and i will buy it ASAP!

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