Ошибка 00003 012 фольксваген

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83554 83554 11 May 2018

Hi, i have 2007 vw jetta, abs module needs replaced, if i buy used abs module can i copy/paste the coding into the replacement or is it more complicated than that, cheers.

John 15 May 2018

MK60EC1 ABS? How am i to know if this is relevant to my 2002 vw cabrio or not. Is there some hidden message in here that shows this info without people like me having to ask this way.

Kamrooz 21 May 2018

Hello ross-tech i have same problem but i cant access to security setting whit 40168. not support. ? can you help me please

abed zead 26 May 2018

thank you i like your video i love you i love vcds ross teach 😍😘😚😙😗🤗

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