Volkswagen phaeton 2016 new model

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TG 77 09 May 2018

HOLY DAMN! Look at all those buttons/switches in that interior! What an electrical night mare if the harness went bad. lol

MrKnocik 13 May 2018

No, no, no. After 12yrs it is just a face lift? Compare with old car and you want see much difference. VW should come up with something better. Old one was a business disaster. Less than 5% of the value after 12yrs.

MICHGO1 16 May 2018


Ed Lanu 19 May 2018

Same boring vw car, they all look a like well done wv, i rather buy a lexus or infinity.

H C 26 May 2018

I saw this car and Lancia Ypsilon at IAA Frankfurt 2015. It was the last time VW Phaeton and the Lancia brand showed in an international auto show. After that the Phaeton was discontinued and the Lancia brand retreated from all international market.

Pasha Defragzor 31 May 2018

What a cool VW was before. Why they changed everything in a wrong way. I meant about new 2018 Phideon - terrible, and this model is good yet

Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan Jin 03 June 2018

If they had tables like s65 and a fridge in the backseats it would be the best thing in the world. Even though im still impressed. Respect to VW, but I m sad they stopped the production.

J. Stormer 07 June 2018

Song name? (any trolling shit will be reported)

BrainStorm4207 13 June 2018

soooooo fuckin badass. DUBBIN TIL I DIE. i just need one of these instead of my 2.0 8v aba lol

Herman Steyn` 18 June 2018

Exquisite motor car.Fancy one big time!

VisioningHail 21 June 2018

Wanna hear a joke? An 80 grand VW

SilverSpade92 24 June 2018

Front VW badge in plastic with fake gaps, on a fucking Phaeton! Come the fuck on guys!

Otto Stierlitz 25 June 2018

Volkswagen Phaeton? Warum nicht Volkswagen Veyron?

Eavenhascht Krauger 28 June 2018

Your background music is relaxing. where can I get it?

HID-LED-XENON 04 July 2018

since when did they make the phaeton I thought that car was discontinued over 10 years ago

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